New Jerseys' Hottest Funky Disco Show!

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Disco still rules the dance floor.  There are very few groups that can combine the stylings of the time quite like Disco Nights  Here is where you will find not only disco's most powerful hits, but also in combination with the hottest funk and freestyle of the early 80's.  There is  no compromise when it comes to delivering music.  A sound all their own and styling that is fresh and unique. A spin off The Funktion Band, this group has evolved itself into delivering one of the hottest shows on the East Coast. There are no tracks, no electronic backing- Only pure live amazing music.  Comprised of some of the hottest musicians out of New York and New Jersey- The band has been together since 2011 and are proud to boast one of the greatest repertoire's of any cover band going today.!

Sample of our sound

The Funktion brings an 8 to 10 piece band to every show.! 

Multiple vocals and an amazing horn section.  

Authenticity with our own spin.


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